Martin Yaffee, MA, CH,
Certified Culinary Educator

Deborah Yaffee, CH,
Certified Nutritionist

"Change your menu... Change Your Life!"

is the answer!


Do YOU want to:

Be happier?
| Release pounds and inches safely and quickly?
| Be stronger?
| Have better mental focus?
| Enjoy better sports performance?
| Sleep more soundly?
| Lower your stress load?
| Feel years younger?
| Have better relationships?

Let a
Superfoods Nutrition Lifestyle
be the firm foundation
that you can
securely build
positive personal
life changes on
whatever they might be!

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Be happier!
Release pounds and inches safely and quickly!
Be stronger!
Have better mental focus!
Enjoy better sports performance!
Sleep more soundly!
Lower your stress load!
Feel years younger!
Enjoy better relationships!


Call us today for your
FREE consultation at

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The Riverside Healing Arts Center is RENOWNED for it's
(*FREE when you simply trade some of your regular daily foods for one of our affordable

We offer personalized
nutrition consultations
where we customize
healthy lifestyle plans
that incorporate
individualized food plans.

Our goal is to assist you in finding a program that is "do-able" for you;
one that you will embrace
and actually follow...
to actualize your commitment
to your own best health!

Our goal lies in educating people about
healthy food plans as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.
we've discovered that
even the healthiest of food plans
is no longer enough

in a world where environmental toxins are unavoidable, impairing the proper functioning of the human body, and, the soils that our foods are farmed on are bankrupt of nutrients from overfarming...

We incorporate
A Complete System of Superfoods
with each food plan, addressing
the three most important issues for living a healthy life in the 21st century:

  1) the issue of toxicity and how to rid the body of impurities that impair proper bodily functioning,
  2) the issue of replenishing the trace minerals and other co-factors that are
no longer found in our soils
, and...
  3) the issue of chronic stress which depletes the body of much needed nutrients.
We are passionate about
teaching you how to
make the healthiest of
lifestyle choices that
remain affordable
for your own food budget;
choices that will help bring you the "empowering energy"
that will enable you to make the life changes you most desire.

Our superfood nutrition program addresses these three important health issues:

1) Cleansing the body of impurities internally to make your whole body more capable of absorbing critical nutrients (without any of those harsh systems that keep you running to the bathroom).

2) Replenishing the body with all the necessary nutrients and co-factors that are no longer found in the soil of our farmlands. In order for our body to create healthy new cells, we must not only have high quality, highly absorbable proteins and fats, but we must have vitamins, ionic minerals, enzymes and probiotics so we can effectively absorb and utilize the nutrients we consume.

3) Tonifying the body with herbal tonics known throughout the ages as powerful healing agents, to help our body be more resilient to stress and adapt better to the stresses of our everyday lives.

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It is our belief that you deserve
the very best in a
Mind-Body approach to weight release,
so we unreservedly recommend:

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The successful results of Tom's work was witnessed by millions of people as the featured hypnotist on Dateline NBC's Ultimate Diet Challenge when he helped a pastry chef lose 40 pounds.

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